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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Earlier this evening I trekked along with my MUs to the opening of the Make Up For Ever store in Malad's In-Orbit Mall in Mumbai. It is their first store in India!!..... not big but stocked with yummy make-up items we MUs were very glad to finally see available here.

Lovely range of bases, powders, colours in eyeshadows, lip palettes and pencils... but what particularly stood out to our creative eyes and minds were the paints!
Gorgeous colours of mini liquid aqua paint bottles and pots of aqua cream paints that glide on with a beautiful texture and almost set immediately and don't smudge!
At first it was like this does n't budge and I can't get it off!!.... but on second thoughts, great for those shoots and shows where you need your make-up to last, look fresh, bold and sweat and crease free... perfect for our climate!... and of course with the right cleanser it's all easy to wipe off.

Also what they seemed to be promoting and raving about were their HD range of make-up, foundations, powders, concealers and blushers (loved the blushers)... see image above - saw a demo which looked good but I guess one has to try and test and see and feel for yourself - as they say the proof is in the pudding!
Personally if you ask me.... HD style make-up can be achieved with regular make-up too ... by regular I mean liquids, creams, even Derma which we normally use....(NOT pansticks and pancake).... and really it's all in the application.... at least that's what we at the fat mu school of make-up believe and always aim to achieve... but definitely worth a try this one.

Go check it out darlings - there is definitely something in there for everyone!

M x

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