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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rihanna's new look with Eminem - watch them burn!

Rihanna is smokin'....

The happy couple...Megan Fox also looks lovely in video...natural and sexy...

Love, love, love x 1000000000000000000000000 Eminem's new video featuring Rihanna.....super cool to see him back on top....new look for him, goodbye blonde hello brunette....Mulain likes.....great song plus we have super cool Mademoiselle Rihanna as the icing on the cake....."I love the way you lie".....Well young lady...Mulain loves the way you look in this vid. Red hair, RED nails, charcoal smokey eyes and wow-factor light gloss for the lips....Rihanna can get away with anything I think....want the look....let's go luxury......
EYES - Giorgio Armani's eyeshadow duo Manta Ray...fabulous texture and good colour combinations.
LIPS - Christian Dior's Lip Addict maximising glosses...big, bold and totally out there.
NAIL - Chanel's 'Dragon' red should do the trick here 'Le Vernis'.
So smoke those eyes (you 'll need a good black pencil here, plus mascara and lashes, try a Dior or YSL here)....this is a show-stopper look so go for it I say....watch the them sing their stuff with such passion and you'll get totally inspired to get the look.
Mulain x

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