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Friday, August 20, 2010

Theatrical fun!

fat mu academy theatrical references / inspiration!
A trapeze artist !

Students hard at work!

MUs in action....

Work in progress!
Today Mulain was watching the practical theatre / stage / catwalk assessment at the fat mu academy....what fun! We had Lady Gaga inspirations, Helen looks, show girls, 20s Geisha make-up, circus performers......All students working on COLOUR, SHAPES, TEXTURES! Eyebrows were blocked out, new shapes put in....whacky lashes added, faces painted, a 60s eyeline here...a 20s smoke there.....really pushed the students into thinking about everything they have learnt so far.......glamour, 20th century decades, lashes, contouring, bases, Mulain could go on.....all in a timed assessment too.....pressure, pressure, pressure.
As those pros out there will know it's about creating your vision in a small amount of time....not easy and involves lots of practice and more practice.....and more practice....and still more.
Mulain will also be attending the black and white photoshoot tomorrow...let's see what magic our MUettes can create.
Mulain will be watching....M x

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