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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My free spirit by Rima Kohli

Today my darlings I want to share with you a blog written by Mulain's cousin Rima currently working with women in Kabul, Afghanistan.

A beautifully written piece I would love you all to read which tells us how beauty also works from the outside in.

Making someone look beautiful is not just limited to the glamour world. All women are beautiful in their own unique way and need to be made to feel that way. Sadly the way of the world is n't so. This is where we come in, all of us... real women, make-up artists, fashion designers, stylists, hairstylists etc....

By using our talents to make a positive change, by going in and helping these women feel beautiful can help change lives. Making them look good and thus feel good injects confidence and raises self esteem leading to a more positive outlook on life.... in a sometimes bleak world...... read on....

My free spirit: Freedom is Beauty, and sometimes, Beauty is Freedo...: "Beauty is part of every culture. The power in feeling beautiful is immeasurable. There are some great stories in Kabul that nurture the be..."


  1. Hi
    and I salute those courageous women like Rima who (from all over the world) go to Afghanistan to participate in rebuilding and reconstructing of Afghanistan..be it fashion,beauty or telling them how to be a proud &confident woman of today..so why not help Afghanistani women regain what they once were really really good at (fashion & make-up). Before the war, about 30 years ago women in Afghanistan used to dress exactly the way women dress today in the west..they were not hiding their beauty under the scarf or burqa..they used to be smart and confident.I just hope they give up being scared of those stupid Mullahs who warn & scare the women in Afghanistan even today now that the taleban are gone. hiding yourself & your beauty behind a scarf is not afghanistani tradition as far as I know, it's something the taleban enforced on women in Afghanistan. women still have not forgotten & are scared of what the taleban did, so they find it quite tough to remove the head scarfs after being forced to wear it for so many years, they're used to wearing it.. that's why they make culture & religion an excuse..but it's also a good sign that that Afghani gal at least participated in the "fashion show", but I'm positive that things will change and women of Afghanistan will be as free as they used to be.. Ensha'Allah!! May God give courage and patience to women from other countries so that they keep helping women in Afghanistan!

  2. ZG Mulain could n't agree more!

  3. Hey Mu - funny story but true - i was in Barcelona last week at a dinner and I met an guy who lived in Kabul who was friends with Rima. Small world - Vivek