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Monday, August 2, 2010

Rouge Coco!

Chanel Muse......Vanessa Paradis.....a.k.a Madame Depp...

Mulain's mama has been telling him for some time now about how wonderful Chanel's Rouge Coco lipsticks are. Long lasting, comfortable, nourishing and great colours it seems....see the following link and watch a little film behind the scenes of this new range.


Now we know it's Chanel so it's world-class for sure.......it's great to see Peter Philips the make-up maestro behind the new range talk passionately about it and his inspirations for it. He really wants all women to wear and fall in love with it......he wants to seduce women into wearing it he says. No seduction needed my friend we all know how good a lipstick feels and how it can make or break a look. Chanel has 37 shades available so Mulain says go check them out....there is one for everyone.

Mulain x


  1. Hello Mulain. I have been watching the European Athletics Championships taking place in Barcelona and was surprised and delighted to see the female competitors with soooo! much make up on. I swear false eyelashes as well! They look so glamerous - and dare I say sometimes nicer to watch than the men! Hope they are doing it for themselves and not because of outside pressures.

  2. thank you lady squirrel......will most definitely check that out...how funny....Mulain x