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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mulain's MU-se of the day

is....drum roll pleeeeezzzeee.....Madame Dhruvi Acharya ....one of India's (and the world's) brightest artistic stars......what a talent! The MUs first met Dhruvi during filming of the Loins of Punjab back in 2005, her equally talented husband is Manish Acharya who directed it. The MUs have always loved her work and urge to take a look at http://www.dhruvi.com/ to check out her work.
Mulain says get out there this weekend and do something creative! Hit the galleries in town, go look at new areas of this city...open your minds my friends and take it all in.
Have a wunderbar weekend...M x


  1. ooh i love her work! wish i could see it upfront!

  2. Moi aussi Madame Morrison...just too cool...look out for her work at the Mumbai international airport.....plus she is a lovely, quiet, talented soul...inspiring to all of us...