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Monday, July 26, 2010

Victorian beauty

Mulain nipped up to MU Virginia's shoot in Jaipur.....Jewellery campaign with a Victorian / vintage theme. Lots of looks to conjure up.....15 Victorian hair styles and make-up looks to achieve in 3 days....phew....great creative challenge though my friends. MU Virginia was keeping it very simple and realistic for a true Victorian look and feel, so no gloss or shimmers allowed.....concentrating on great looking skin, natural flushed and rosy cheeks, natural lips...the art of invisibility for this look.....make-up is on but looks like no make-up my friends. Take note my darlings....these are some of the products she is using....

Ben Nye's lip pencil - Wine Berry...for a lovely natural lip colour....applied all over the lip area
Ben Nye's transparent mascara - used to keep brows in check and on the lashes
Ben Nye's matt pressed eyeshadow - to add definition to the eye area
Ben Nye's matt pressed blusher palette - to add a natural flushed look
Benetint by Benefit - fantastic as a natural looking blusher
MAC's Femme-Fi eyeshadow to pop the eyelid area
Bobbi Brown Cream Base palette - for a lovely finish to the skin

Will leave the busy little fat mu bees in Jaipur and rush back to help MU Natasha in the fat mu academy. MUs Sara and Pooja are busy with a charity fashion show this week...dying to hear all about it and MUs Xavier and Soma are in and out of shoots and the school.

All gearing up for the start of our evening bridal workshops....interested in learning bridal make-up and hairstyling...call us...9821174351.....or mail at fatmuadmin@gmail.com

Caio for now...M x

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