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Friday, July 23, 2010


fat mu's make-up and hair design.......

Mulain is dying to watch the new US sitcom on the NBC network. Starts two months today.... 23rd September....meant to be as funny as 'The Office'. Www.nbc.com/outsourced/ .....check out for a sneaky preview. Mulain has so much interest as our MU-ettes worked on the film version back in 2006! Hope you all have seen it.....starring India's own darling Ayesha Dharker and New York's talented actor Josh Hamilton. MU Natasha designed the hair and make-up for it and MU's Virginia and Xavier flanked her throughout and had a complete blast. What a fun film to make with a lovely director John Jeffcoat.
Hope you are intent on having fun this weekend.....Mulain certainly is.....out to paint the town all sorts of colours. The pro class in the fat mu academy will be frazzled today as it's colour theory!!!! Tres difficult to understand and get your head around.....but don't give up my darlings.....it will all click into place.
M x

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