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Monday, July 5, 2010

Embrace yourself!

Read an article in the Times of India today that caught my attention... It spoke of young girls - students - who were visiting doctors to get operations done to make them look like Bollywood stars...... dimples a la Deepika Padukone, bee stung lips a la Ms. Kaif and thicker lashes.... all costing them a fat fee of Rs 35,000 and their reasons for doing this? To create good first impressions, a new look for college and .... to make friends easily!
What happened to the good ol' days when it was just simple enough to go out and get a couple of new outfits to impress that cute boy you had a crush on or be the cool kid in school.... surgery if you ask me is a little drastic... and parents are supporting this?!.......this worries Mulain I have to say.... I know its a 'look' centric world, but we don't need to take such drastic actions!!.....

.....and so..... Mulain has a solution... that is a lot cheaper... a lot more fun.... pain free.... without side effect..... and temporary should you one day get bored of it! .... you guessed it - la maquillage!

Want thicker lips? Line your lips a bit fuller (same colour as your lipstick), apply gloss focussing on the centre of the mouth, go with lighter colours for a fuller effect...

Want thicker lashes? Line you lids with a black pencil very, very close to your lash line and really work it in! This gives the illusion of thick lashes and doubled up with the amazing variety of mascaras out there ... who needs more!....

Dimples, well that one we can't create magically unless you go down the prosthetic route which you don't even want to try!.... why not instead substitute it for a beauty spot a la Cindy Crawford or Madonna ... place it on the corner of your top lip, or the lower corner of your eye a la Ditta Von Tesse, very burlesque and very sexy!

All girls love make-up, play around with it ... try a new look each time....whoever your role model.. make-up will help you achieve that look... and what's great is that you won't be stuck with it should you get bored... but remember girls.... most important thing is that you take pride in yourselves.... your individuality..... it's never just about looks... that's temporary, eventually it's the entire package that counts.

M x

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