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Friday, July 2, 2010

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Ok 'art lovers'....... MU-ses of the day.......many of you will not have heard of this Scottish man called Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his even less famous wife Margaret Macdonald.....this romantic, dynamic duo worked together to create incredible designs for houses, furniture, glass, panelling, paintings around ..the 1900s....yes a long time ago. Enormously talented and their timeless works stand the test of time and still 'wow' artists across the world. They started in Scotland over a hundred years ago....think Art Nouveau, Klimt.....if you 're a fan you will love these two..... Mulain visited their work recently in the wonderful city of Glasgow (once the second city of the British Empire)...... a house designed by the two but not built til 10 years by modern artisans. Visit http://www.houseforanartlover.co.uk/ you'll get an idea...and if you're in the area....THEN GO!!! Mulain also loves the fact that CRM and MM worked together and were a brilliant balance of masculine and feminine traits and talents...it really shows.....light with dark, hard lines with soft decorations.....they believed that everything designed was individual and added value to the bigger, creative picture.....and we all know as artistes how true this is.
Good night my darlings....have a lovely Friday wherever you are... M x

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