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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Corporate....

Mulain has been watchin the Mu's in action prepping for their new corporate gig. So for all you corporate ladies out there here are a quick few tips on how to achieve a polished and sophisticated look in less than 10 minutes.... on an affordable budget!

1) Moisturise skin well

2) Depending on the condition of your skin pick an appropriate concealer to match your skin tone... MAC studio finish is great for those who require heavier coverage and MAC select cover- a lighter creamier consistency is good for light- medium coverage. Apply where needed.

3) Use a powder compact to set your make-up and remove any unwanted shine.

4) For your eyes get an eyeshadow duo or quad in shades of brown. Maybelline does a great quad. Use the lighter colour on your lid, the darker in your crease and the outer corner. If a quad, use the lightest colour on the browbone to highlight. Your eyeshadow duo or quad should be able to double up into an eyebrow colour as well if needed to define brows.

5) Now taking an eye pencil- we recommend a dark brown by Revlon colorstay- line the top of your lids close to the lashline. Follow with mascara- Maybelline dial-a -lash to finish the look.

6)Move on to the cheeks- a pop of blusher on the apples swept up and out adds a lovely hint of colour and glow to the face. Try Mabelline or Ben Nye in pinks and corals for good affordable options.

and lastly...
7) Finish of the look with your lipstick.... try NYX or Lakme again for good affordable options... nothing too loud , a nude, pinky brown or a nice sienna tone would work well...

et voila there you have it.. quick and easy... and does'nt pinch the pocket!

Now dont forget your nails- you can't have a nicely groomed face and shabby nails.. so remember, trim and shape and clean with a nice coat or two of nude polish- that should complete the look. Again check out the Range at Maybelline and Lakme....

Hope this helps... muah!



  1. very helpfull and nice post..thanks!
    Can I please ask for a favour? Would you please help me to chose a foundation and powder? I've tried many foundations and many shades but I've always failed to pick the right shade of foundation and powder and I'm always disappointed by my choice :( my skin complexion is almost like Deepika Padukone and Freida Pinto..slightly lighter than these twoladies, and I would like to buy an Estee Lauder (double wear) foundation..so please tell me which shade should I choose? and as far as the powder is concerned..I would like to go for MAC but don't know if I should buy loose powder or compact? and which shade please?
    thanks in advance and I would be very grateful if you could help me :)

  2. Hi
    thanks for the helpful post!
    May I ask you for a favour please? Could you please help me to choose the right shade of foundation and powder for myself? I've tried many shades of foundation and powder but I've always been disappointed by my choice :( My complexion is almost like Deepika Padukone and Frieda Pinto, though I'm slightly fair than these two ladies. I've planned to by Estée Lauder (double wear) foundation and as for as powder is concerned I don't know wether I should go for compact or loose powder? and I would love to buy MAC powder so please tell me which shade of MAC powder and which shade of Estée Lauder double wear foundation? I would be very grateful to you if you could help me with this big problem that I've failed to solve! thank you so much in advance.