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Thursday, June 17, 2010

400 Oxford Street

Mulain has been doing a quick travel to the UK....alongside Mr. and Mrs. Bachchan I'll have you know......have to tell you that I will be hitting one of my favourite make-up centres...London's Selfridges....too excited about finding out what's hot and what's not! Lucky it's 2010 my friends...you also can go on-line at www.selfridges.com to also check out the beauty scene. Marvellous non? Mulain loves walking in off Oxford Street and working his way around all the counters.....it's wonderful...new colours, new ingredients, new brands! Can't wait to see what Illamasqua are up to.....will keep you posted my dears.

And do let me know if you want to test anything for you.....Mulain x

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