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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Star Trek wins the Oscar.....

So Star Trek won best make-up....think Ben Stiller stole the show when he gave the Oscar to the make-up team with an Avatar make-up look....what fun!....Well done all the artists who worked hard on that film.....the team, Barney Burman, Mindy Hall and Joel Harlow all thanked their 40 strong team who helped them win the Oscar. Mulain thinks that is very cool.....any film is a team effort, one little film family non?

We at fat mu were of course rooting for Jenny Shircore....a nomination is still fantastic though...they are all winners I feel.

So Oscars over for another year, back to work and the MUs are loving their make-over sessions that have been launched....such fun we are having with people ....men and women! And shooting too...Natasha MU is currently shooting with a Bollywood hero in South Africa for Garnier...burning away under the hot, hot sun....am sure she will have some great tips for make-up for men in unbelievable temperatures....watch this space. Virginia MU is gearing up for her Thursday shoot, writing make-up tips for some magazines and remembering the MUs in La La land last year....what a year it's been my friends. Busy!

Mulain x

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