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Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar make-up!!

Mulain loves Molly R.....

Cameron D's classic red lip look...mwah!

Love the hair!

Classic cool with Maggie G....

La Streep is La Streep is La Streep....

Brave Madame Bigelow....

Scary kohl eyes SJP....

Mulain loves the dress....and smile...just beautiful....

Short hair rocks Carey!

Statement lips with another leading lady....well done Ms. Bullock...
"Yes it's Ladies night and the feeling's right, oh yes it's ladies night...oh what a night!"...thank you Mr.Kool and the Gang for giving us such great lyrics.....well it's certainly been a ladies day....March 8th...International Women's Day.....the fat mu team spent the day with girls from the Sharanam Centre for Girls in Bombay www.sharanamcentre.org making them up for their dance performances at their celebrations today....great day out and thanks to all our freelancers and team who supported us. Bravo! And Bravo to Katherine Bigelow who won Best Director at the Oscars yesterday....truly a ladies day and night.
Mulain carefully scrutinized the red carpet and really found nearly everyone went for safe, generic, classic glamour...lots of long gowns....strapless chic...bits of Avatar Blue around.....(are we all getting a bit dull?)....a few statement mouths, thank you Sandra Bullock....and arty hair, thank you Patricia Fields. 80s teen star Molly Ringwald looked tres cool and different doing her own thing and young Carey Mulligan holding the torch for those with short hair amongst us....everyone else....sort of blended into the same...maybe it's just me but where was Cher in a fantastic cabaret number, where was Bjork dressed as a swan, Diane Keaton dressed in a tux? Imagination, individual flair? .....Would love to know what you all think my darlings....?
Caio for now...
Mulain x


  1. Hi
    Sandra Bullock looked ravishing..from her dress to her hair and her make-up. but the one with red hair and red dress was a bit too much of red :)


  2. Think it was Sandra B's night non? Yes she did look lovely....I agree...

  3. why didn't you do something like this for filmfare awards? would have been fun to know your opinion about Indian filmstars' make-up and dress sense :)


  4. ok...just for you mademoiselle...Mulain is on the case....

  5. thank you soooooooo much..you seem to be a wonderful human being. I know you guys are very busy with all the projects and everything going on in your everyday life and still manage to accept peoples' requests. thanks again and much love.


  6. Mulain loo-ves you too....:)