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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ruby Woo!

One of our followers, a certain Lady Squirrel, wrote to us about MAC's Red 'Ruby Woo' lipstick ......saying what a classic, fabulous lipstick it is....looks scary, but remember she/he who dares wins....never forget that my darlings....this colour suits blondes, brunettes, Indian beauties...anyone wanting to make a statement, Marilyn Monroe to Marilyn Manson. Try it!...Even if it's in the comfort of your own home at first. That's right, Mulain is saying buy and try at home til you get that all important confidence to wear it..have a feeling you won't look back....as the MAC website says...'stands out on the runway...simmers on the street'.....Mulain thinks they are bang on there.
So Ruby Woo it girls and boys...Woo hoo!
Mulain x

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