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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Putting the art into ......

...........plastic surgery!!!!!
Like oh my god...Lyn Ray above has a skincare range in Mexico? Un-be-lievable!

Mulain is flabberghasted!!!

Demi's surgeon I think has an artistic, sensitive approach...
Not that Mulain is pushing anyone into plastic surgery...just saying if you're going to do anything permanent with your body and face...think about it very carefully and make sure you sus out who is going to do it...you want someone who thinks of it as an art form and is proud of their work....Lyn Ray in the above photos is a Mexican TV star and Mulain feels has gone that leetle bit too far..what do you think my friends? Demi has done it well and has a hot boyfriend too....we loo-ve the twitter king Ashton K.
We live in a difficult, fickle, youth-friendly, age-denying world my friends....looking good is paramount these day, image is almost everything! Mulain understands the pressures my dears...don't stress about it. Just keep it real, be as happy with yourself as you can be, remember there is always make-up to fall back on and make you feel fab!
Do check out www.awfulplasticsurgery.com ...it's quite a hoot! Always makes Mulain smile!


  1. I believe that if you were not born with a handicap then there's no need of cosmetic surgeries. feel beautiful and be proud of what God has created for you.