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Saturday, December 19, 2009

On your toes!

Mulain spotted these funky, DIY nails at film city yesterday - what fun!

Mulain visited Virginia on the set of her TVC yesterday at the 'exotique' film city location, in the heart of Bollywoodland, man it was hot! Tried to stay in the air-con as mu-ch as possible...not a fan of a sweaty upper-lip look. Anyway got chatting to the stylist for the shoot and happened to glance at her feet.....she had painted her own designs onto her toe nails in a to-tally cool, 80s way...colours and shapes took me back to my 'appy childhood of 1984....cool and the gang for sure. I am digressing.....back to the point....she told me that she just dabbles on her nails when she is at home and creates her own looks...has a creative play around! Wundarbar non? Have posted these pics below to give you some ideas of what you can do at home or even in the toe parlour.....chalo!

If you're into cutesy this may suit?

Only in China eh? Nail art printers.....what fun.....

A design breakdown to get you started.....

Lots of detailing.....for those who have time.....

and even more elaborate work for those obsessed!
Whatever you choose - have fun....so many exciting colours to choose from.....try OPI's Monsooner or later, Moon over Mumbai, My Chuihuahua Bites, Tropical Punch, Hearts and Tarts, Clubbing Til Sunrise, Friar friar pants on fire (a personal favourite)....and of course Revlon, L'Oreal, Chanel all do fab colours...so go play and enjoy. Obviously toe nail art is best done in hot climates where toes can be on display....so Bombay boys and gals....no excuses, flip-flops and chappels to be worn and dazzle people with your toe talent.
And Mulain says for inspiration head to Cheap Jacks on Hill Road, Bandra West and feast your eyes - it's a visual treat and you're bound to find something to help you get started.
Mulain x

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