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Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's get Pro-active!

Ok - Mulain is on a mission today to find out about Pro-active skincare that all the celebs are raving about....a la Jess Simpson above (also click on this link to read US celebrity testimonials..http://www.proactiv.in/Celebrity/Default.aspx)...... MUs Natasha and Virginia have both encountered very bad acne skins on shoots recently and honestly people they are really very difficult to look after, maintain, especially in melting Mumbai. Some people are totally on the wrong medication and treatments thus their skins sometimes suffer bad side-effects......like dropping off...an artist's nightmare I tell you!
So for all your sakes Mulain is on the case and off to investigate....might head to Hill Road too for a leetle Christmas shopping must get my hard-working team something.....so excited ...only a few days to go....
Mulain x

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