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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Waterproof make-up

So I was chatting to our MU Natasha and she was telling me about the waterproofing make-up she had to do for a skin care product recently. Of course being skin... she had to ensure the model looked lovely, fresh and totally natural whilst still ensuring the make-up stayed on even after plenty of water was splashed on to the face...
.... and so to achieve that here's what she used... good ol' Derma Colour as the base and concealor... great for covering up any spots, blemishes, dark circles and to even out skin tone..... can be worked to contour and highlight as well, Benetint by Benefit, gel blusher, Bobbi Brown gel eye liner, clear mascara, waterproof mascara and lovely lip tints by MAC.

Here are the steps she applied them in....
- First prep skin
- Then apply Benetint to the apples of the cheeks for a little colour (once the moisturiser has set in- give it a minute or so..)
-After, apply the base using the Derma palette to achieve a flawless complexion, whilst correcting, contouring and highlighting with the same
- Once finished perfecting the skin.... top up with a little gel blusher again on apples of the cheek to make it look like the colour is coming from within the skin
- Powder with a puff, press and roll on
- Spritz face with water
- Dab lightly to set
- Groom brows with clear mascara
- Line lashes at the very root with Bobbi Brown's black gel liner
- Curl lashes and apply black waterproof mascara lightly
- and lastly moisturise lips by adding moisture and colour with MAC's tinted lip conditioner in petting pink( or whatever colour is more suitable for you) for natural colour and sheen...

If you need more of a glow... a cream highlighter can be used lightly on top of the apples of the cheeks and along the cheek bones and temple area. Do this by warming the product between your thumb and the index finger and then dabbing onto the skin lightly and evenly.. gives a lovely finish...We at fat mu love sheisheido's cream sticks.... look for the champagne coloured one to give you that lovely subtle sheen...

Hope this answers some of the questions you may have on waterproofing.... if you need to know more ... you know I am always here to help!

Mulain x

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