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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cheryl Cole's make-up look!

UK's current IT gal...Madame Cole....everyone just loo-ves her.....
Mulain likes this hard-working, gorgeous, down-to-earth lass from the North of Angleterre. She seems to be seen everywhere....everyone wants a piece of her and since her appearance on Britain's X-factor she has become even more popular...if that's possible. The belle du jour. In her latest video Mulain wants you to check out her make-up. It's quite cool....a different, edgy sort of glamour. What I like most is the way her make-up artist has used colour in unusual places on the face.....and a different contouring look round the eyes....if you want some hints to achieve this...try good ol' Lauren Luke's link below to help you on your way...
So gals and guys....it's Saturday night...go for it....get your music on, pour yourself a little glass of wine and create a new look for yourself....watch her video to get inspired......don't be shy now...get your brushes and palettes and go mad....you only live once my friends....
Mulain x

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