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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Smoke it up

Mulain has noticed that the most popular request for make up has always been for smokey eyes... somehow people find that really hard and it's easy to understand why.... it is easy to end up looking like you have panda eyes on occasion.. and so to make it simpler and easy for you all... I am going to recommend you look into getting Benefit's 'smokin' eyes kit .. to start with at least... all you need to get a beautiful conventional smokey eye going is in there and once you've mastered the look you can play with variation of colour and glitter....

To help make it even easier for you benefit have come up with this leetle 'beauty lesson' to show you how to use this lovely, leetle kit... just click on the link below and smoke away....


To get your hands on one in Mumbai try 'Beautiful' on Dr. Ambedkar Road in Bandra West.... and remember darlings you must groom, shape and clean up those brows ... it's no good having a lovely smokey eye with unruly brow's non...?

M x

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  1. thanks for posting this mulain... its really helpful for people like me.