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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas at Bobbi Brown

Mon dieu its nearly Christmas.....!..... where did the time go???.... Christmas means festivities and festive means parties!!!!..... yay!!!!..... and so.... to celebrate our lovely Bobbi Brown has come up with a new wonderful palette just for that... to make making up easier and more compact on the go...! ... So as a limited edition comes this wonderful chrome palette for the Christmas season only.
Think cool, icy, frosty, shimmery, angelic (all very 'christmassy').... this party season and if its smoky, shimmery, sheeny, iridescent you're after...you can be sure you'll get it all out of this one compact palette. Works great on all tones and don't be afraid to experiment. You don't have to limit the shadows to just your eyes... if it's a glow you want on your cheeks, or just to highlight, probably on the bow of your mouth... maybe even the collarbone and bare shouders perhaps..... go for it.... play with different shades to get the look you're after... It's party time after all so get on that sparkle and make sure you dazzle.....!



  1. can you buy this in Mumbai? it idnt look like the colours would suit indian colouring but looking at the model it obviously works?

  2. Hello my darling... you can try Beautiful at Dr. Ambedkar road in Bandra West... if they dont have it ask them to order it in for you... perhaps thay can help you... they are usually good like that....
    As for the colours there is something to suit all tones from light to dark and depending on what look you are trying to get. .. and yes the model shown has Indian colouring too and does'nt she look beautiful!

    Bon chance ma cherie ... Mulain x