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Saturday, November 14, 2009

L'Oreal Roll on true match?

To be honest...Mulain has not tried this product....bit wary of gimmicky tools that promise the world....would love to know what others think....I loo-ve the idea of the little roll-on brush...just like painting non? Packing is cute, sleek, compact...I have seen the colour range and bit concerned that it does n't really cater for Indian skins...options are far too pink! Also...how do you get that roller near your eye area...think you would have to use fingers / brushes with this kit. But would love to hear from any of you my friends who like this...how 'ave you got on with it?

Found a very honest and straightforward review...see link below....

Mulain 'as to run....late for a wedding in Juhu by the Arabian Sea....lovely na? Can't wait to see what the bride will be wearing...Oh la la!
Mulain x

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