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Monday, November 16, 2009

Le Cotton Bud!

A make-up artist's best friend...Le Cotton Bud!

The MU team often use good ol' Johnson's....

The cotton bud has proven its worth time after time on many a shoot, set, location, event. For the professional and non-professional the bud can clean, remove, blend, fine-tune in a way that makes it indispensable. They are hygenic, practical and help you to achieve your make-up design. Great for on-set checks, a quick clean up under the eye; transferring make-up in a clean way, thus protecting your kit.
You must always remember to not use the bud time and time again and always a different one on each eye...keep them clean and protected and they will be your friend for life.

Mulain often spots on FTV an artist blending a smokey / heavily made-up eye with a cotton bud...so easy to work with my friends.
We like Johnsons, but they come in many different brands and sizes...depending on your needs....use them wet or dry....pointed or non-pointed. Just be very careful when cleaning your ears...don't dig too deep na....leave your brain alone....ear-budding can become addictive....moderation is key.
So Mulain hopes you already have them on stand-by ........
M x

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