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Monday, November 30, 2009

Face the truth

So I visited my favourite skin therapist over ze weekend for a leetle pampering session for my poor sunburnt skin and on talking to her I realised after all these years that what I was indeed getting was not a facial - like I have believed all this time.... but a skin treatment....! Did you know the difference? I did n't - thought they were one and the same... as long as she succeeded in getting Mumbai off my face with a wee bit of pamering...I was good... it was all one and the same to me .... but apparently mes amis there is a difference!
It seems facials dont have any long term benefits for your skin...(I'm sure many beg to differ).... yes they cleanse, and there's a mask involved and a massage... but we're not getting very much else.. so long term benefits if we do think about it are pretty non-existent.....
Skin treatments on the other hand have long term benefits and one should visit at least once a month to see results....anti-ageing treatments should be started once you're 30 +.. and even thogh I'm a fan of ageing gracefully... if we can keep those wrinkles at bay and our skin youthful and plump for as long as we can push it then why not eh?
By taking care of our skin, wearing sunscreen and skin treatments once a month (essentially all they are doing is infusing moisture deeper into the skin and holding it there.. which topically applied products can't really do ... important for keeping the skin smooth , plump and line free... and incorporating a clean up - vital to living in a city like ours..) it's definitely food for thought.... follow up at home in between your treatments with a good cleansing, moisturising and scrub routine and you're set. Try it darlings you may be very surprised at how radiant you start to look.... I know I am... remember you can always buy a new dress but you can't buy a new face...!....(well.....)


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