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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rose Water....

Rose water au naturale!

Khadi's Rose Water - just lovely.....

All the fat mu team love using Rose Water on their faces, cost effective and your skin feels just wonderful. Use your favourite cleanser then follow up with Rose Water....we all love the Khadi brand...(available from selected stores in India, we buy from Dhoop in Bandra West, Union Park)......Rose Water is a mu-st for all skin types because what water is to the body, Rose Water is to the skin. It has been used for centuries to purify the skin, and it deeply penetrates to restore the skin’s pH balance and to tighten pores to give your skin the soft petal touch and texture of rose. Now does n't that sound rosy my darlings?

Rose Water has the unique ability to balance sebum production of the skin. If your skin is dry it will moisturize and if oily it will fight excessive oil secretion. Being anti-bacterial it will prevent infections, so you can see we all benefit from it....great news. It is also an excellent after shave spray to restore all the moisture lost through harsh soaps and shaving lotions. Mulain really recommends Rose Water as a mu-st in your daily skin care routine because it clears and improves complexion, prevents aging (awesome non?) and gives your skin the best protection nature has to offer.

If that isn't enough Rose fragrance also calms and soothes the mind and gives you that ultimate feeling of freshness. Why not carry Khadi Rose Water with you so that you spray your face every few hours to keep your skin fresh. Mulain recommends that all make-up artists carry this in their kit, a very useful multi-purpose item to have. It's also a natural cleanser so you can spray your face liberally with it and wipe off with a tissue or cotton to get rid of the grime and dust, basically removing Bombay from your face and keeps you looking and feeling uber fresh.
Do let me know how you get on my dears.....
Mulain x
P.s - Mulain was out partying last night with MU Virginia to the wee hours with the Luck By Chance team and close friends.....Happy Birthday Zoya!....we both had to bathe in Rose Water to recover....a leetle too much air-guitar going on....Ummm......

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