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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Laura Mercier and the Flawless Face

Madame Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier is a one-off! A trained artist who then went into make-up, working in Paris with the creme de la creme and then moved to New York in the 80s where she went from strength to strength cementing her name and reputation in the beauty / make-up business (Madonna LOVES you......Mulain salutes you). MU Virginia worked with her in London in 2002 and remembers how passionate she was about the 'flawless face'. She encouraged the idea of individual beauty, skincare being the main ingredient to achieve any look. All the team were told to spend a good time talking to the clients, working on creating a smooth canvas before starting on the creative part...la maquillage. Then what was quite wonderful was that she encouraged each artist to study the client's face and only use what was required....not sell, sell, sell and put all the products on the face at one time like other big beauty companies...who shall not be named. Here is what Laura M says about the Flawless Face.....
"Before applying any colour, I always prepare the skin first. I create a fresh canvas with a flawless finish. Making your skin look perfect is the first and most important thing you can do to achieve a truly great look. The key is to enhance your natural beauty - whether you use all products together one day, or just a little Secret Camouflage and Setting Powder when you are on the go." - Laura Mercier

Mulain suggests you take a look at Laura's 4 simple steps to a flawless finish......http://www.lauramercier.com/flawlessface_whatis.php....get to know the brand and the products.

Mulain 'as to say his favourite tinted moisturizer is Laura Merciers.....it's great because it comes in Porcelain, Nude, Sand, Fawn, Almond, Tan, Walnut.....it has a spf 20 coverage, stays the day and is true to it's colour....you can wear instead of foundation...it really is loo-ver-ly my darlings, a treat for your make-up bag.

Mulain also thinks the Platinum Metallic Eye Creme is just stunning....on all skin tones....it is beautiful....easy to apply and the look is so eye-catching.....great also for make-up artistes to have in their kit as you can use it as a high-lighter too...a leetle gem for sure!

So if you've never tried Laura Mercier, do go and see how delightful her products are. She is a make-up artist for the real woman.....classic, understatedly stylish and sophisticated......not unlike myself!

Voting day today in Bombay, the city is shut this morning to encourage people to vote.....Mulain is off to the office to meet MU Virginia and discuss La Macquillage.......meeting MU Natasha tomorrow morning for a meeting in town then we are off to have a lovely lunch with Natasha's mentor and general make-up goddess / guru Madame Jenny Shircore. Mulain can't wait....she is the ultimate muse......

Mulain x

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