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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pond's perfect matte

Mulain has found a little gem in a tube. Pond's is an established skincare brand dating from 1846....now run by Unilever....so we know it's dependable as it's been around so long (ask your grandmothers) and has the big backing now to push it forward and promote it. I have always used Pond's on and off for years...it's a brand I feel comfortable with. Pond's has been launching lot's of new skincare in the Indian market, mainly for age-ing and fairness..so Mulain has not been keen on that side of things. However I picked up this oil control cleansing foam partly for it's name....Perfect Matt....in hot weather it's sounds very appealing I mu-st say.....Put a pea sized dab in your palm, mix with water and the most luxurious lather appears......massage your face and neck, rinse with luke-warm water et voila your skin feels fantastic! Really refreshed, balanced and free from city-life pollutants. It really felt cleansed. It has anti-oil Bio5 which controls the production of excess sebum, therefore really helping those of us prone to that oily t-zone, and general oily breakouts. Would love to know what you think about it?....Loved using it after this Diwali weekend...so much smoke and fumes and dirt my friends non? Oh la la....drinking pints of water today to try and cleanse the system.....

Mulain also loves this product as it's a wonderful 60Rs ....light on your purse..great on your skin....a win-win situation all round my darlings.

Mulain x

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