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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make-up in Mumbai...

Mulain did a quick trip into Phoenix mills Lifestyle's store today to see what the High Street beauty brands are selling...I looked at Lakme, Revlon, Chambor, Maybelline, Max Factor and L'Oreal...I asked each beauty consultant to show me what was new in each brand....Here's what I was told.......


The girl attending to me was helpful and nicely enthusiastic (without attacking) and was keen to demonstrate the new 'True Match Mineral Make-up'...it sounded nice and natural, gentle to the skin and environment but one touch with the brush and Mulain's hand recoiled. The brush hair was as bristly as a hogs....definitely not for me and I would n't think for you my friends...was quite shocked by that one. Can't imagine putting it on my face...was n't in the mood to try anything else after that so went straight to ......

Beware the brush my friends!


Again asked the young girl to show me something new...she was very keen to show me the 9-5 lip range...this promises to be a high performance, colour-fix formula that has been developed in Italy; I found this lipstick creamy and quite comfortable to wear plus the sales girl told me it 'survives the day'....let's see....I really liked the three colours below and I find generally that Lakme is very cost effective.

Jewel Pink


Satin Ruby


'Maybe it's Maybelline' was next and usually I think they are for the younger generation....I think their products are better for skin that isn't aged, lined, and is generally bump free.....I was shown the Maybelline Mineral Dream Matt Moose (try asking for that after a couple of Cosmos...!?)....now in my opinion this is great for someone who does n't require full coverage but just a light, quick fix. The consistency is light but if you have open-pores, lines etc this product will just sit happily and not very prettily in them, also staying power is questionable. However, if you're a teen or early 20 something with clear, smooth skin it may be great to use...cute packaging and easy to apply it will just glide on and does n't break the bank! Was also shown some new lip balm smoothies, with a tint of colour and flavour.....found these quite sticky and not very comfy for my lips....ummm...jury out on those....

Max Factor

One of Mulains favourites....yes Monsieur Factor's pioneering brand...with make-up guru Pat Mcgrath driving the creative steering wheel...superb. On this counter I asked me to show me their best selling product...and we have.....Lipfinity! Apparently there is one Lipfinity product sold every 9 seconds across our global vill-age! Wow....I like this lipstick, good range of colours, it's a dependable brand and again is totally affordable with staying power galore! Mulain loves Illuminating Fuschia, Brilliant Berry, Glowing Sepia. A good purchase and great for the wedding season!


Onto Revlon where make-up artist Gucci Westman designs the products and creatively directs. The 'new' products I was shown were the new 'Beyond Natural' range...seems everyone is jumping on the natural / green band-wagon.....the lip cream seemed easy to wear and a lovely colour to suit all tones....nice clean and non-fussy packaging, an easy product to have in your bag and on the go. I was also shown the blush/bronzer...again simple, discreet box....a nice 'easy to use' product, subtle on application...offers a very natural look...a hint of bronze, a glow for the skin. If it's drama you want this is not for you, subtle rather then startling.


Good old Bourjois...again been around so long you know they'll always have something for you that's new and fun for all ages....so I was shown the new Mineral Matte Mousse Foundation (what tongue-twisters my friends).....very nice pot and packaging....I almost wanted to buy it on the spot...but again I think the mousses are for those lucky and rare people who have skin as smooth as glass! No lumps and bumps, or holes and pits....so for young girls it's fun to try. Mulain recommends buying a foundation brush to apply this one...you 'll get a smoother application. She also showed me the clubhopping range of eye-pencils which I love, great colour range, easy and fun to use, good staying power and to-tally hip!


....... was last but by no means least! They were the only brand (apart from Bourjois) who had some really eye-popping colours, so if you're after an 80s inspired look start here.....the young lady so enthusiastically and proudly showed me the new green nail polishes that were just in.....I was impressed by her knowledge of what's new with make-up...I had only just written about green polishes non? I bought two nail polishes Maniac Purple and Electric Metal (a green petrol glitter ensemble)....very cool colours. Application is not amazingly smooth but for Rs 245 it's not a bad deal....also bought the trusty and possibly best eye pencil around...the Chambor Black Kajal, with smudger for a little bit of sultry glamour...

Phew....quite tired with all this chit-chat round the counters....home-time my dears...until tomorrow! MU Natasha will be back from 'The Green Isle'....jet-lagged for sure...then we all heading to Delhi for the weekend for a fantastic pottery and ceramic show. Can't wait...

Mulain x

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