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Monday, September 21, 2009

Big, bold and beautiful at London Fashion Week!

Big is beautiful with Beth Ditto!

Mulain loo-ves a bit of gossip.....seems that after knit-wear designer Mark Fast used size 12-14 models at the London Fashion Week, some stylists walked out and complained they were too big. What a mad industry.....I know for a while the fashion folk 'ave felt bad at sending literally girl-twigs down the ramps and they know it's causing illnesses to be that thin and sends out a bad message to the non-fashion folk...so now a minority group are trying to break that mould and putting their clothes on curvier women.

Mulain loves the nerve of high-street clothes shop Evans by casting 'large' Beth Ditto to launch their new collections.....funnily enough Mulain heard it was Kate (I was born beautiful) Moss's idee.....ummm brains and beauty for you Mademoiselle. Bottom line is we are all shapes and sizes so let's be cool and accept our lot in life.....you are all loo-verly in God's and Mulain's eyes.

Mulain is off to London Fashion Week tomorrow to check it out for himself and also plans to drop into some exhibitions and make-up shops.....so much to look out for.

Mulain x

P.s - after seeing the Ukraine's 'Got Talent' winner Mulain is thinking he wasted so much time in his sand-pit as a child.....how tragic......maybe we are all super talented in that way just blocked upstairs......let's get unblocking non?

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