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Monday, August 3, 2009

Max Factor.....

Female farm worker from Yemen!

once said....' A woman who doesn't wear lipstick feels undressed in public. Unless she works on a farm' (see snap above)......Is that pressure for all you females or what? Mulain is sure that Monsieur Factor would have moved with the times and 'approved' of the world of lip decoration and lip choice in 2009 - gloss, balm, Vaseline, 8-hour cream, lipstick, lipsheers...crazy colours, divine flavours. Quite wonderful! But Mulain is concerned .....seems that the fairer sex is still always being told what to wear, what to do and how to behave......and by who? Men? The power-bodies who sit behind their desks and rule our lives and set trends, fashions, and all our social rules and ettiquettes?.....Are you girlies as free as you think you are? Ummm Mulain is not so sure....

I just want what is best for you all my darlings.....be free, feel free, think free and enjoy lipstick....if YOU want to....

Mwah Mulain x

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