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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fairness overrated...!

So I turned on the telly the other day and was shocked when I saw 2 commercials (frequently repeated) ...both promoting fairness creams.... and BOTH ending with a marriage proposal .... (all of course after the girl becomes all 'fair and lovely' after using their products..and no they are not adverts for fair and lovely but another popular brand which I won't name)...

I am sure many of you have seen these advertisements and I hope are as concerned as I am about the message it is sending out in society....
Does it mean if you are not fair skinned, or have a few dark spots or some pigmentation on your face (very common with Indian skins) you are not worthy of marriage...? Or is marriage only for the fair and pretty ones...? Or is it that men in this society are essentially superficial and only marry women for their looks?.. Is that what it's all come down to... I don't know ... I know times are changing ... but this? It's rubbish non?....I am confused and a bit angry .. especially thinking about the kind of pressure this puts on the young girls out there and the consequences of that pressure on these girls who according to the advertisers are not fortunate enough to be born fair ... and hence not good enough.... why is white better than dark...? and who are these people who sit at their desks and come up with these ideas and actually think they are good....?! Mon dieu.... we live in India, we are indians and we are blessed with beautiful, dusky complexions... why can't we just learn to embrace it and start looking deeper.. beyond colour ..(would solve a lot of problems trust me...)
The West aspires to look like us - via tanning and we in the East like them - fair.... yes we know the grass is always greener on the other side... but just for this once - can't it be greener and stay green on our side.....?

A ranting Mulain x

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