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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting Lippy in London....

Mulain made a quick dash for London-town this week - meeting friends, checking out products and enjoying the buzz in general......whizzed into Selfridges today to discover the new Prescriptive's 'custom-made' lipgloss....was completely taken in by the display of fabulous pop-tastique colours. A creative cocktail of blues, yellows, corals, pinks, berries....loo-ver-ly! Pick a selection of any that take your fancy et voila! the lipgloss is yours - created and made 'by and for' you.....you feel so special.....check it out....http://www.prescriptives.com/custom_blend_lipgloss/custom_blend_lipgloss_highspeed.tmpl

Mulain skipped out onto Oxford Street only to bump into our Slumdog chum Simon Beaufoy....lovely to chat and catch post Oscars. Then Mulain hit Patisserie Valerie only to spot Akshay Kumar passing by - how small the world is my friends....one little global village.

Don't worry, working on my carbon footprint - Mulain is as green as he can be.

Mulain a Londres....x

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