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Friday, August 7, 2009

Disco is back!

.......actually it never goes away...not for Mulain anyway! People all over London and the global fashionistas are dusting off their disco balls, spangly tops and embracing that 70s phenomenon that swept the world....of course there is a lovely, eclectic mix going on - punk / rock thrown in with some poppy gloss and disco shimmer.....Mulain was telling you about his admiration for the US's Lady Gaga - well....the UK 'as the up-and-coming musical and style icon called Little Boots! This talented one makes music at home, performs it on YouTube and MySpace...she is a super-duper blend of spacey disco with hints of electro pop.....think Kylie meets Blondie. What Mulain loves about Little Boots and Lady Gaga is that they are really talented...they play instruments and write their own tunes. Plus they are tres adventurous with their looks....do check out their make-ups........Great fun!

Who said Disco was dead.....Shame on you!


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