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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Our mu Natasha has come back from London with a bag full of make up goodies... one of them being the new 'mini' Shu Uemura eyelash curlers! (she can't stop raving about it )

If any of you are like me.. these things would frighten you....mini or not.... personally they look like torture tools to me, why would I want them near my eyes ... but after hearing Natasha(who even as a make up artist was not a big fan ...until now!) raving about them I had to give it a try and so I did... very reluctantly... et mon dieu... people I am now a convert !!
Thank you Mr. Uemura and the fabulous Japanese technology for giving us this amazing tool that can curl your lashes and literally take them to the moon..! and you don't feel a thing! I think I am in love.....

So what sets these apart from your regular curlers you may ask, well apparently the hinge is based on special japanese technology which gives your lashes a curl with the absolute minimum press... which in turn means your lashes dont take a beating and fall out after long term use (which I guarantee you will be doing once you try these) as you just have to press down gently for literally 1-2 seconds et voila!! Simply swooonderful lashes!

Besides the mini ones are great to work magic even on the smallest of lashes and really work well to curl your outer lashes or any specific areas that might need that little extra oomph... much more precise with better results if you ask me...

They are certainly not the cheapest .. 17 GBP for the mini ones, with one extra silicon rubber pad provided (be careful with those as once lost you can't buy more pads- its a new curler or nothing I'm afraid- one drawback yes, but a small price to pay for the sheer genius of it)...

... and for them to be effective, if you are using them regularly they need to be replaced once a year as the hinge wears out. Worth it mes cheries... trust me on this one... I have not swooned over a product like this for a long time...perfect for those romantic nights with long gazes into each others eyes... sigh....

On that note I will say adieu for now and encourage you to go flutter 'flirt'er ;-)


Mulain x

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