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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Bronze Age

What is this contraption you may ask...'tis the new Guerlain terracotta bronzer for men.
But don't despair ladies, it may say for men but its perfect for anyone wanting to get that perfectly natural sun kissed look without any sheen or shimmer in it.
Works for all skin tones without any hints of pinks and oranges which can sometimes come with the cheaper varieties or bad fake tans as we've all seen...!
Tres natural... you can choose how light or how dark you want to go without looking caked up! and... it comes with it's very own bronzing brush!

Mulain highly recommends this product as a definite must have for those days when you look in the mirror and feel you are lacking a certain... je ne sais quoi......it retails at 34 GBP... not cheap I know... but it is one of the best bronzers on the market today. So try it out mes amis and I would love to hear what you all think..

Mulain x

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