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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Palettes galore!

Mulain is so tempted to 'op on a plane straight to the beauty hall of Selfridges to check out all these GORGEOUS, to-tally inspiring make-up palettes that 'ave been launched - pops of de-lightful colours from pop to rainbow, from Japanese pop culture to 'The Garden of Eden' - so mu-ch to choose from and so mu-ch fun to be 'ad!

My favourite is Bobbi Brown's 35 pop colour eye-tray http://www.vogue.co.uk/beauty/news/090325-bobbi-brown-brights-palette.aspx/Gallery,Make-up%20Palettes/ - just wonderful...please check this out. Also see Monsiuer Uemura's creative offering for the Spring and Summer of 2009....http://www.vogue.co.uk/beauty/news/081009-shu-uemura-holiday-collection.aspx/Gallery,Make-up%20Palettes/.

Also to watch out for is our lovely Chanel's 'Best of British' range with super-fun Union Jack inspired make-up, the long-awaited D&G new make-up range fronted by Scarlett J inspired by 50s glamour and Italian landscapes....available in good old Selfridges, MACs 'Hello Kitty' and other fantastique Bobbi Brown palettes - from nudes to mauves to copper .......we are just too spoilt my darlings.

We mu-st find the time to shop! Am off to find my MU's Natasha and Virgine to 'atch a plan.....too much work and no play makes Mulain a dull bull!


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