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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In the Pink!

Mulain was sitting with his MUs in a loo-verly Bandra cafe today when our bon amie Ashima Narain popped in to say 'bonjour' and keep us updated on her latest escapades. Such an interesting girly this one.....photographer, documentary film-maker....you must see 'er film 'In the Pink' about Mumbai's very own Flamingos and 'The Last Dance' http://thelastdance.info/index.htm which 'ighlights the plight of the poor dancing bears we 'ave here in India. Well done ma cherie....great work ..... you are definitely a fat mu mu-se!

Ashima was telling us all, over a fabulous cappucino, about returning from a trip to Rajasthan followed by the Ajanta-Ellora caves. What she told us about the caves made us a leetle sad my friends. Apparently these old, old sights are not looked after and lots of cement slap-on work going on with no craftmanship, care, finesse, pride 'appening? What is this? Now we 'ave all travelled around this very fine subcontinent and marvelled at the temples, palaces, shrines, sculptures, reliefs, caves, tanks and our beloved Taj Mahal......are we doing enough to save our 'eritage!

Mulain does not understand how we used to create such magnificant works and now can't even manage a leetle maintenance...absurd! Zut alors......

We should be so proud my dears of our past.....and take care of our future , tres importante....

Ok...my rant is done....this leetle Champagne socialist will be back to La Maquillage tomorrow...

Til then....mwah....Mulain x

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