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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Love thy city

Today Mulain is writing about love... not the romantic kind of love but love thy neighbour kind of love... sounds like a cliche? Perhaps.. but it is true.. love conquers....love is a many splendoured thing...and like the Beatles so rightly said - 'All you need is love'... and living in Bombay it is definitely a mantra to follow!

We here at fat mu HQ have a love - hate relationship with Bombay... why you may ask..?..Because it is a city that can eat you alive... chew you up and spit you out - the heat, the noise, the crowds, the traffic....mon dieu...the city can be a battle field for your senses and it can really test your patience not to mention how much one has to filter through everyday... but on the other hand it is also addictive, enlightening, awakening and so here at fat mu HQ we choose to say we LOVE Bombay....!
Yes it tests your spirit, but we have found the answer is love, love, love people....

......So if that rickshaw driver takes you over a huge bump at high speed or into a big pit in the road and throws you in the air... or that customer care executive isn't quite customer-caring enough...or if something is meant to get done today and still does not happen tomorrow or the next day and so on - don't despair......deep breathe, have zen thoughts and fill yourself with love....we may be sounding very Oprah-like here.....but we feel it is true.....it really is the only way eventually ....be kind to people, be patient with people, and laugh people laugh! - tres importante.... it will make your day much much better....especially if you're in maximum Bombay....

Why all this love talk...? Well....Mulain has been 'aving a rough few days.. as I'm sure you 'ave guessed... and through experience is telling his way of getting through the tough times....also trying to make the world a better place - oh god I sound like a Miss. World contestant... but you 'ave to spread the love non?

I know the MU's are falling in love with Bombay all over again.... and are discovering hidden parts and little gems...so they will keep you posted on what they see and find....people and places... so stay tuned.....! ...
... and in the meanwhile remember...' all you need is love.... all you need is love, love...love is all you need'

Have a love-ly weekend!

Mulain x

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