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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Budget Bronzing

This one goes out to our anonymous friend.  So the Guerlain bronzer is too expensive....pas probleme....here's what the MU's found as good cheaper options and available in India.

Affordable brands available in India are- Revlon, Maybelline, L'oreal, Lakme, Onyx and The Body Shop.

fat mu like:

Mineral bronzer - Bronze intense colourstay - has a nice shimmery sheen to it.
Bronze blusher in ' Show Stopper Copper'- also quite sheeny
Skinlights face illuminator - in a loose powder form- bronze light- quite glittery for those disco moments... 
..but we LOVE the Skinlights lotion for face and  body- available in a variety of colours.

They do nice Bronze duo compacts for 2 differents skin tones- Virginia loved the 'Blonde' et Natasha loved the 'Brunette'- it gives a nice sheen.

Its a lovely Indian brand with an international touch with great texture and shades. They do a range of bronzing options like Bronze blush bouquet which is a mosaic of bronze shades all in one compact, in addition they have some lovely liquids and shimmers and powders all in gold/ copper tones which add just the right touch and glow thats often needed.
The Body Shop:
Again they have lovely bronzing beads, gels, powders - something for every one - male and female.

So 'ope this helps... please tell us your names all our anonymous friends... and do stay in touch!

Mulain x


  1. Mais non, if we told you our name then how would we be anonymous only, oui? We are loving what you are doing Mulain, and thanks for the Indian products - one day maybe they'll be as good as the foreign stuff?

  2. It is all about sharing knowledge non.. the west takes from the east and the east takes from the west...and one day we will all be better than we are today..
    Nice to know your name Vivek...i am so glad you like our site.. pleeze keep visiting us and drop us a line now and then... and let us know when you are coming to town... it will be time for a few cocktails...

  3. Zut alors! Mulain, you are just too clever. Sorry I don't do cocktails - I drink burbon neat from the bottle. Avec l'amour, M. We-wake.