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Thursday, May 21, 2009

fat mu's 2-in-1 delights!

Mulain just loves Benefit!

Right Gals and Guys - listen up....the fat mu team trawled the shops and world wide web yesterday - facing the sweltering Bombay heat for all of you, searching for products that will make your lives easier in these busy, recession hit times.

So the word on the street is...

The new Stila website is up and running http://www.stilacosmetics.com/ with some fantastic 2-in-1 delights....Stila's Convertible Colour fab lipstick and blush-in-one is a must-have in your handbag for a quick fix, it brightens cheeks and lips with creamy, translucent colour...and with a couple of dabs and taps of your fingers you have rouged your cheeks and popped your pout - great colour range too.

And there's more....Stila's Contouring Trio - enhances, defines, shapes and soften your features - Mulain is convinced this little show-stopper is a make-up artist in one little box! Each compact comes with 3 shades, light (a high-lighting powder), dark (a low-lighting powder), flash (a soft neutral shimmer), and simple instructions on how to paint / structure your face. To quote Madonna 'strike a pose'!

An all-time favourite brand at fat mu HQ is of course our fabu-lous Benefit! www.benefitcosmetics.com. We always say that Benefit's Benetint is a marvel in a bottle - a beautiful tint for your cheeks and lips - so natural, one resembles a work of art...the Posie tint is also de-lightful and a pleasure to have around.

When on-the-go or in a mad rush you can also always rely on Benefit's Bad Gal black liner.....it is ahead of itself people.....you can get lots of looks out of this steal....slight smoke, sexy smoke, indulgent smoke, 60s smoke.... inside our eye or outside....also draw it on your lids for a cheat to shadow, smudge away and you can transform from Schiffer to Bardot to Alice Cooper! Meow.....Also great is the Benefit's No.10 - cheek bones in a box I tell you....'ighlighter and shadow in one little package - two sweeps with the enclosed little blush and you are chiselled to glory - Naomi eat your heart out.

For a rather topical 2-in-1 option.....there is a Bronzer + flu beater all in one!..Yes my friends seems they 'ave thought of everything - for those of you who are concerned with piggy 'flu and want to look 'Cannes-tanned ' at the same time then this may be the product for you.........Alva Couleur bronzer..... It contains a natural powder derived from yeast called Wellmune, found to help support the immune system. So while you're glowing on the outside, this will be absorbed into skin to protect you on the inside, too. Mu-st try that one.

So for you busy people of the world - hope our 2-in-1 product tips help you and keep you ready for action - wherever you are globe-trotting.

Mulain x

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