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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Lovely YSL lips to inspire our shopping trip!

MU Nat's new lip colour Rose Culte! - actually more pink in reality..super sexy!

MU Virginia's Rouge Pur Couture - her first red lipstick! Super posey na? Wannabe Gwen Stefani ha ha!

Nat's new lippie....

Virg's new lippie....

MU-AH!!! Happy Diwali my darlings and hope you are all celebrating and relaxing / partying / being with family etc etc. I tagged along with fellow MUs Virg and Nat to help them pick out their new lipsticks. Intent on Chanel we all forgot that Shopper's Stop at Juhu no longer has Chanel under it's roof....cho chad!! Disappointed for a mili-second we then spied YSL and jumped straight in to trying on bright and bold statement lips. Virg has never been a lipstick wearer and never owned a red lipstick. Mulain was truly aghast...so made her try it on and insist she buy it. Classic and cool, never out of fashion and oh what a pick-me-up! Natasha has not been wearing lippie for a while (but usually a lipstick girl) tried a poppy, sexy pink...Wow! Looked amazing and so current and cool. So the girls left happy and pouting and posing...Mulain is telling you girls (and boys ;) ) ...go treat yourself! Lipsticks armed and ready for action...certainly puts a spring in your step. Age-less style and sophistication! Totally ready for the front lines!

M x

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