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Monday, August 1, 2011

MU-tip for Monday morning...MUUU!

Get a few current lipshades....

and a couple of pots of pigments....

and share 'em out! Make-up is not cheap my darlings and to all budding artists out there ...a little MU-tip.....get together with a few friends who are artists and choose a few lipsticks that are current shades, then divide them up in your lip palettes (try a simple empty pill box and start filling up with exciting shades - remember to label them though)...that way you stay up-to-date without breaking the bank. Same with pigments...we all know pigments can take your make-ups to another level...am I right or am I right my darlings umm?...So again pick a few, buy between you, share them between you and that way you've got a good variety in your kit for all occasions...great for pros or die-hard make-up fans. You stay up with trends and don't miss out on new stuff coming in. Always, always buy from the correct supplier and NEVER the streets...

Have a great Monday .... Mulain is bracing himself for yet another rainy MU-mbai day.

M x

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