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Saturday, August 27, 2011

MU-ettes in action!

Finishing touchs of the look....glitter and pink lips!

MUs Virg and Xavi

Glitter with a little bit of hair gel in to control it and keep in place...

MU-ette Swapna poised ready for lip touch-ups.....

MU Sunita adding glitter....

Our glitter products...

MU-ette facecharts up.....

MUs Xavier and Rosy

NYX cream glitter palette...fab for your kits - personal or pro!

MU-ettes behind the scenes...

Raffles' chief co-ordinator Corne with his black tipped nails - Go Corne!

Well girls and boys...Mulain had super fun last night watching the team in action at the Raffles Design Institute Student Fashion Show. The MUs and MU-ettes were back stage creating their look / design on 24 models. Tricky brief...one look to suit lots of different clothing collections from Traditional Indian to Modern Punk to Brazilian to Disco and more. Plus had to be different to last year's Retro design we did. The team came up with a super duper rocking design which everyone loved...silver glitter down one side of the face, a clean sculpted canvas and a popping, glossy pink pout! Gorgeous and so effective! Don't forget nails too...silver metallic polish on hands and toes!

PRODUCTS OF THE DAY: Ben Nye Silver cream as a base. NYX glitter cream palette. Great for your kits! Both available from New Beauty Centre my friends! MUUU!

M x

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