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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How do you prep and research?

Are you just a 'Google Page 1' researcher / person / artist!???

Do you get messy with your pots and paints and go mad and try different colours and textures?

Do you like to work on face charts?

Do you try different tools and appliances for your shoots / work?

Get inspired my magazines?

Do you sketch your idea out?

Do you check out art?

Hit the library?

Watch and admire street life around you?

Ok Mulain has been watching all the MUs prep today for various projects happening...from Body Art to Burlesque themes to Bronzed Babes to workshops and fashion shows. Mulain wants to know how you prep and research for your shoots / bridals /events / whatever!!?? Mulain hopes you are not just a 'Google Page 1' artist...that means you go on http://www.google.com/ and write in "........" and use the first thing that comes up!!?? If you do my darlings, shame on you!...You have, have, have x 1000000000 to be more than that. You must be different, research in different, interesting and effective ways...see above for some inspiration! Struggling to know what I mean...then you need to come chat with Mulain Auntie and we'll show you the way!

The MUs have been painting, sketching, reading, drawing, trying out products, discussing different textures, colours, shapes...you MU-st be different and innovative and interesting, adding wit and intelligence and your craft in the right way. And fantastic of course.....so go knock 'em dead and make-up the world!! You have the power!

And here endeth the lesson....M x

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