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Thursday, July 14, 2011

OPI - La Paz-itiviely Hot!

What a popping, mood lifting colour na?

MU Virginia's lil toes....

After last night's horror, along with the gloomy heavy rains....Mulain felt truly down in the dumps....don't understand people bombing innocent civilians....really. But Mulain truly believes that life goes on and we MU-st n't let these men get us down and stop us living our lives of liberty. To solve the glumness and blueness MU Virginia and I grabbed OPI's La Paz-itiviely Hot nail polish and painted away....not only therapeutic ....the colour also cheered us up and made us feel better - celebrating life is the theme today my friends.

Will be thinking of all lost souls today....and all that were affected. Shame on you that have done this....Mulain x

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