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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beards and Moustaches at the fat mu academy!

Witch in battle from Harry P....

Nice teeth!

Beards and moustaches - creating wizards for Harry Potter theme....:)

Creating Harry Potter characters

Is that MU-ette Reem??

Full on beards in action...

How Mulain laughed when he saw the MU-ettes in their facial hair class. Oh how MU-ch fun character week is! It's a Harry Potter theme...so we have been learning to master the art of facial hair application. Today we did battle scenes...imagining all characters escaping a battle of Voldermort's army and dementors...so scratches, bruises, black eyes, blood, sweat, bad teeth, scars...all on show today. Tomorrow is their character assessment day and Batch 6's last day of their pro course...Mulain gets too sad saying goodbye...but it's not goodbye MU-ettes....it's MU-ving on to a different journey with you all. Super excited for all of you starting your professional lives from Monday.

Bon chance my darlings...M x

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