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Friday, July 1, 2011

1960s make-up!

MU-ed board with 60s refs......

60s eye-lines in action.....

Curling lashes before BIG false lashes put on....

Geometric eyelines......

MU Virginia was running 60s class today....just loo-ve seeing all the different 60s eyelines / shapes and textures being used. Remember it's all focus and emphasis on the dramatic eyes. If you want to recreate good eyelines at home make sure you have good tools....an eyeline brush / or old lip brush will give you a good, strong effect. Mulain's tip for today is not to rely wholly on the tool most eyelines give you ie...brush and liquid liner combined. Always buy a separate brush, this will last longer and give you more control on your lines. Remember it's a confident strong line not a spindly, split line which can happen with the brushes that are given to you.

Mulain says head to Kryolan and pick up the 5 colour aqua eyeliner palette - so you can vary your colour and know you will get a good, solid eyeline from this.

Keep lips and cheeks light - the eyes are the star of the show! Go for full volume mascara or lashes if you dare! Getting lost.....google Cleopatra and see what inspires you! Yes eyelines go back that far my darlings.

Mulain x

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