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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Childlike make-up artistry

Mulain spotted (excuse the pun) this make-up design from the 2011/12 shows and loved the simplicity of it and playfulness. Remember when you were a child? No inhibitions...you were free to draw, sketch, colour in, draw a shape, rub it out, start again, turn it into something else, splash on some colour....that's the beauty of being a child...you don't care! As adults it's so sad my friends....we lose this magical gift...we become frightened to let lose and 'have a go'...we don't want to make mistakes...little do we realise it's the key to 'authentic creativity'....(see www.ted.com Malcolm McClaren's talk).....so my message today my darlings is dig deep within, listen to the child within and go for it! It'll be quite beautiful, I promise. Send me piccies...I wanna see! mail@fatmu.com

M x

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