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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The best lip balm in the world..ever!!!

Ok...Mulain is prone to exaggeration but am so enamoured with Waterline Cosmetic's lip balm that I feel I mu-st tell you about it. I have already blogged about lovely Bharti who owns / runs Waterline Cosmetics (we met her at the Bandra Farmers' Market earlier this year) but am raving today about the lip balm she lovingly makes...it makes your lips sooooo soft...NATURALLY.....has a lovely rosy tint to it....NATURALLY....and my lips feel comfortable all day....MU Virginia used this balm while filming on Singularity in Orchha in the middle of 45 degree dry,dry, dry MP heat and still her lips felt great using this. Mulain has popped to London and during the flight I used this balm and lips feel smackingly good this morning. MU-ah!

Bharti will be running a workshop at the fat mu academy in July where she is going to show all her wonderful, NATURAL skin care products (and cosmetics) and did I also mention she makes the world's best chocolates!!?? What a woman! Will keep you posted on that one....off to London to dazzle at a party at the Kensington Roof Gardens....back to Mu-mbai asap my darlings!!!

Mulain x

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